Curriculum Vitae

Maximilian Kaske

Hi! I’m Max, a Fullstack Developer working on Web- and App projects in JS/TS. I’m passionate about the newest frameworks, clean design, productivity tools, and code architecture. I'm experienced with React & Next.js for Web Development, React Native & Expo for App Development and serverless infrastructure.

birthday: 7th August 1995
languages: native in French & German, fluent in English
location: Berlin, Germany
hobbies: cycling, bouldering, traveling

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work experiences

Jul 2021 - Oct 2022

Co-founder & CTO


I co-founded precycle, a start-up tackling climate change through the compensation of plastic waste, with the idea of combining purpose and technology. With the EXIST funding program, private funding and a remote working team of up to 8 people, our vision has been to recreate a compensation [funding funnel] system for e-commerce similar to CO2 but in the plastic waste sector as “money doesn’t go where the trash goes”.

As co-founder and head of product development, I was responsible for developing our technical infrastructure and making things happen: from concept to production. Managing up to two engineers and working closely with Design and Marketing allowed me to further improve my project and team management skills. I was also in charge of reviewing code and providing constructive feedback. Over more than a year and under my guidance, we developed multiple applications to fit our defined roadmap. These include: Marketing Page, Member Dashboard, Shopify App, REST API and Plastic Footprint Calculator.

My role included much more than the technical engineering. I was responsible for most of our internal operations and led the development of database structures for specific use cases, creating file structures and providing tools that allowed us to be more productive. I was also responsible for external communication with our partners and the collaboration that resulted from it.

Mar 2021 - Jun 2021

Fullstack Developer

Twigbit GmbH

I supported Twigbit in building the foundation of Brimo, a Facility Management Tool. Together with the Engineering Team, we went through the early development process of assessing which framework, state management system and database to use, in order to kickstart the project. While helping extend the source code, I was responsible for building the design system components.

Oct 2019 - Feb 2021

Mobile Software Engineer

Lindgrün GmbH

At Lindgrün, my main task was solely responsible for the Leila PRO App development based on an existing 4D database and predefined UI. Leila is an App that creates horizontal access to medical guidelines suitable for everyday use. It is backed up by and linked with scores, pathways, glossaries, epidemiological data and other reliable knowledge.

When I joined Lindgrün I was put in charge of the still ongoing project. Despite my at that time, limited knowledge of React Native, I proved my ability to quickly adapt to new work environments by quickly improving my React Native proficiency and successfully refactoring the whole codebase from Javascript and Class Components into a Typescript and Functional Components driven source code for better maintenance. In addition, I supported my supervisor by developing a 4D RESTful API to allow an easy communication with the App.

In short: I was responsible for all relevant steps from development to production of the App.

While continuously developing Leila, I had the chance to build two more Apps: the ASH Quiz , which allows for the familiarisation with instructions and actions related to medical activities, and an interpersonal Contact Diary in the early stages of the CoVid-Pandemic, which unfortunately never got released due to App Store CoVid-19 restrictions.

Jan 2017 - Sep 2019

student IT assistant

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pneumologie e.V. (DGP)

As a student IT assistant at the DGP I worked on the Typo3 CMS of the official website by creating extensions in PHP and changing frontend styles as requested. I then co-created the organisation’s congress platform with typo3, as well as which was built using a Symphony backend and a React frontend. This early work experience allowed me to improve my coding skills, learn how to fix bugs and how to work on complex projects.


Dec 2021 - Oct 2022

Fast Forward

Side Project

Coding is my passion, so is this project. Open source, blog posts and the entire community is a big motivation to thrive towards a common goal: building block by block an environment where everybody can build on top of it.

Inspired by, the goal is to build a simple Feedback Widget that anyone can easily install on their website. The feedback collected will be shown on the dashboard with additional useful informations like browser, timestamp and more. It’s under construction and will maybe never see the light. But it help improving my skills.

See GitHub or

Dec 2021

Linktree Open Source Alternative

Side Project (archived)

The best way to learn is to build. It’s a simple Next.js project with the goal of recreating a small alternative. I tested the possibilities of Next.js on frontend and backend side. Like creating custom subdomains with middleware, working with serverless databases and integrating user authentification.

The database is not running anymore but the project can still be viewed on GitHub.

Apr 2020

Corona Visualisation Tool


Simple HTML/CSS/JS project with the goal to simulate and visualize the spread of an infectious desease with interactive parameter configurations. Build together with two friends over the 'Wir Vs. Virus' Hackathon organized by the German Federal Govermment. See or GitHub.

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

Frontend Development

The Corporate Diplomats

Very first approach to web development. Raw HTML, CSS and some, until then, Javascript magic. See


Oct 2014 - Aug 2019

B.Sc. in Mathematics

TU Berlin

I studied Mathematics at the Technische Universität Berlin where I specialized in Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics (ADM). I wrote my Bachelor Thesis on the topic of Optimization of large-scale Order-Stock-Container-Allocation, a specific multi-dimensional knapsack problem that many logistic centers face. The goal was to develop an algorithm that maximizes the number of demands served and minimizes the number of containers used to serve all demands in a warehouse. All code was written in Python.

Aug 2007 - Jul 2014


Sophie Scholl Oberschule

I attended the Sophie Scholl School in Berlin for middle and high school, finishing with an A-Level in German (Abitur) and French (Baccalauréat), called Abi-Bac.